Banks is The Richest man in the world, with a Net worth of over 100 Trillion Pounds (The worlds only ever Centa Trillionaire) on the night of “The Gift” Banks was working at the central reserve bank, in the vault (where they store the gold bullion), when the gift hit him. Banks and two of his colleagues were knocked unconscious. When he woke he found that he had the ability to turn anything he touches into pure Gold, he can also manipulate the gold in the earth and cause Earthquakes! Banks can control any gold in his immediate vicinity and has been know to cause people’s gold teeth to fly out of their mouth by just thinking it. At full potential Banks could control almost any metal in the same way he controls gold.(he has not yet realised his full potential) Banks is said to have caused the cryptocurrency crash of 2020 and in so doing solidifiing his dominance in the financial markets… He is also the number one suspect in over 5 disappearances. Banks is one of the 4 Founding memebers of “The Syndicate”! Alongside Frost, BIG tobz and Mist, And he is Mega Man’s fiercest rival!


Superhero Power 89%
Human Power 85%
Wins 0%
Losses 0%