About Big Tobz

BIG tobz.. has the ability to drastically increase his size, and in so doing his strength, agility, reflexes and speed! When Tobz is in his BIG TOBZ form he is practically invulnerable and he becomes extremely resilient to bullets, fire and extreme cold (although the extent of this resilience is yet to be tested fully). Big Tobz also has a healing factor that can repair damaged tissue at an accelerated rate, and makes him immune to most poisons or toxins. BIG Tobz has super human strength and can lift press in excess of 50 tons. At full potential BIG TOBZ can grow to a maximum height of 20 feet and his healing factor can regrow severed limbs (he has yet to realise his full potential).BIG tobz is one of the 4 founding members of The Syndicate, along with Banks, Mist, and Frost.


Superhero Strength 100%
Human Power 100%
Wins 0%
Loses 0%