Lionesses name is deceiving as her powers have nothing to do with animals, On the night of “The Gift” Lioness was about to Kill a spider in her bathroom, she was hit by the gift and knocked unconscious, 72 hours later she woke and was changed. She could stick to walls, shoot webs, camouflage to her environment, jump extremely high, and when under extreme stress, 4 arms rip from the side of her body, she develops 6 extra eyes and her mouth extends and opens sideways much like a giant spider. She can lift press in excess of 8 tons and has a lethal venomous sting at the end of her pony tail. For all intents and purposes she should be Spider woman, but in her own words “l hate spiders, and love Lions! I’m Lioness!!” Lioness is not affiliated to any crew but Mega Man could be looking to change that?


Superhero Strength 85%
Human Power 80%
Wins 0%
Losses 0%