Mega Man is the worlds smartest man, he has an IQ over 500 (Einstein had an IQ of 160). He is the CEO of Mega Records and Mega Tech the worlds leading technology company, he has also created the worlds most powerful A.i. called SWISS. Mega Mans armour is made from nanotechnology and is multi functional, it is Bullet proof, fire resistant, is capable of high speed flight and under water capability. SWISS is beyond A.i and is referred to as R.i (real intelligence) and when needed Mega Man can exit his armour and SWISS takes control, this is referred to as “Relentless mode”. He is an expert in 7 martial arts techniques, a weapons and explosives expert, and is an expert tactical strategist. Mega Man is a ceta Billionaire ( net worth over 100 Billion) and resides at So Solid towers in uptown New Accra.


Superhero Power 100%
Human Power 90%
Wins 0%
Losses 0%